Cheese is more than just an ingredient.

Whether you cook with cheese, use it to finish a prepared dish, serve it as a snack, or pack it along for a protein boost on a hike or after the gym, cheese is incredibly versatile.

As career cheesemongers, we can help you find the right cheese for any job. We have a combined 15 years of experience providing high-level customer service at specialty grocers’ cheese counters.

We sell cheese by the pound, depending on what we have available right now. Soon you will be able to select wedges from our online store. In the meantime, feel free to inquire as to what we have on hand. We may also be able to make a special order for you if you are craving something we don’t have at the moment.

Our cheese wedges come wrapped in paper and labeled, and we have tasting notes for all of our cheeses so that you can read up on the flavor experience you’re about to have. We would be more than happy to offer you a virtual consultation if you have special cheese needs, or if you’d like to take a more conversational approach to picking out cheese.

If you own a restaurant or business that uses food as an ingredient, we also offer a discount on half- and quarter-wheels to help you (and us!) move through cheese with less waste. We are a community-driven business, and we are committed to helping uplift other food businesses around us.