Our Standards

We have high standards. 

When sourcing product, we adhere to the same ingredient standards that have been outlined by PCC Community Markets.

This is not an attempt to copy a much larger retailer; rather, it is us putting our money where our mouths are. We both worked for PCC for a number of years, and we believe in the standards and principles the chain stood up for when it branded itself as a natural-foods co-op. Among the standards we have brought with us to our own business is that of not allowing artificial or harmful ingredients in the food we source for our customers.

PCC outlined these standards to initiate change and innovation in the supply chain, to drive the growth of organic and sustainable businesses that can supply product for their shelves. While they are a large retailer, they only have a fraction of the number of stores that many other retailers have. The only way their standards can make a lasting difference is if other retailers sign on and follow the path that PCC started.

In short, we only source cheese made from real ingredients, without the use of artificial growth hormones and antibiotics. The charcuterie we source is made with sustainably produced meat cured without the use of synthetic preservatives. We ask for and read the ingredient list for every product we bring in.

The more our business is able to grow, the more we can also drive positive change in the world.

Our Sources

Wondering how we source our products? Here is a list of the fine folks and companies we work with to curate our rotating selection of cheese, charcuterie, and accompaniments.