Our Offerings


We sell cheese, charcuterie, and specialty foods.

Cheese is available for sale by the wedge or wheel, sold by-the-pound or per-each. Whenever possible, we cut to to order.

Charcuterie (e.g., cured meats) is available by sale by-the-pound or per-each. Charcuterie sliced by-the-pound is only available on a cut-to-order basis.

Other specialty food items we sell include crackers, chocolates and confections, nuts and dried fruits, sweet and savory preserves, and pickles and ferments.

We source our product directly from reputable, licensed producers, distributors, and importers.

We accept pre-orders placed through our web store (to pick up at specific locations during set time windows on pre-scheduled dates), or you can walk up at our “pop-up cheese shop” events and browse in person. You can also shoot us an e-mail to StreetCheeseSEA[at]gmail[dot]com for special requests and deliveries.


We build cheese and charcuterie plates, platters, and grazing tables.

Our platters are designed using a rotating selection of fine cheeses, charcuteries, and accompaniments. We can create custom options to meet your needs and budget, or we can build from our own specifications. We can build for any size of gathering.

Some plate and platter options are available for sale through our web store; for most options, we provide a personalized consultation to understand your needs and craft a platter around them.

To reserve your platter and schedule delivery or pick-up, please send us an email to StreetCheeseSEA[at]gmail[dot]com at least 24-48 hours in advance. For grazing tables, we ask that you contact us two weeks in advance of your event at minimum.

Please note that a general rule of thumb for most platters is to plan at least $20 per person; that said, we will meet your budget if you have a certain number in mind. For example, if the cheese platter is one of many things guests will be eating, we can build a smaller platter and spend less per person.


We offer public and private classes and tastings on a variety of topics.

We can teach cheese basics classes, including “introduction to cheese” and “sensory evaluation,” or classes about specific styles or countries, as well as pairing classes and tastings featuring any beverages or foods (but especially chocolate, cider, or beer). We can also design a custom class for your party or business. Some classes we have offered recently include:

  • Spanish Cheeses (Book Larder, February 2023)
  • Women in Beer and Cheese (with Seattle Beer School at Ladd & Lass Brewing, March 2023)
  • Cheese & Spirits Pairing (Skål Beer Hall, March 2023)
  • Cheese 101 (Roots Orcas Island, March 203)

If you would like to schedule a class or tasting at your business or a private event, please send us an email to StreetCheeseSEA[at]gmail[dot]com.

We are also excited to begin designing classes for cheesemongers and food-industry workers interested in learning more about cheese. More information will be available once we find our brick and mortar home.