Menu for the week of August 7-13

All items sold by the unit (instead of by the pound) are available for sale in our online store. Orders are available for pick-up at our pop-up locations each week, during pop-up hours.

Please see our events calendar to find a pick-up location near you to schedule your online order pick-up.


Cherry Valley Dairy Unsalted Butter (cow; WA) – $15.00/lb

Cherry Valley Dairy Gray Salt Butter (cow; WA) – $18.00/lb *limited stock*

Fresh Cheeses

Cypress Grove Hatch Chile Chevre (goat; CA) – $5.35/ea

Lost Peacock Halloumi (goat; WA) – $30.00/lb

Lost Peacock Creamery Smokin’ Salt & Pepa Chèvre (goat; WA) – $5.63/ea 

Bloomy-Rind (Soft-Ripened) Cheeses

Alta Langa Il Canet (cow and goat; Italy) – $8.13/ea *limited stock*

Cheddar-Style Cheeses

Beecher’s Handmade Cheese Smoked Flagship (cow; WA) – $18.95/lb

Firm Cheeses

Daniel’s Artisan Reserve (cow; WA) – $19.23/lb *limited stock*

Evergreen Creamery Mt. Adams Reserve (cow; WA) – $22.50/lb

Harmony Fields La Bertha (sheep; WA) – $30.00/lb *limited stock*

Neal’s Yard Dairy Berkswell (sheep; England) – $36.30/lb *limited stock*

Washed-Curd (Gouda-style) Cheeses

Mimolette 12-Month (cow; France) – $21.15/lb

Washed-Rind Cheeses

Jasper Hill Farm Willoughby (cow; VT) – $14.00/wheel

Blue Cheeses

Rogue Creamery Oregon Blue (cow; OR) – $20.00/lb

Cured Meats & Salami

Brooklyn Cured Smoked Tasso-Spiced Coppa (pork; NY) – $23.51/lb *limited stock*

Elevation Artisan Meat Guanciale (pork; CO) – $34.00/lb

Red Table Meat Co. Big Chet’s Salami (pork; MN) – $36.00/lb

Red Table Meat Co. Ruby Salami (pork; MN) – $12.50/ea

Smoking Goose Meatery Dodge City Salame (pork; IN) – $26.79/lb *limited stock*

Smoking Goose Meatery Stagberry Salame (elk and pork with bluberries; IN) – $17.76/ea

Pâtés & Terrines

* Restocking selections. Check back soon! *


Girl Meets Dirt Vanilla Plum Medley Spoon Preserves (7.75oz) – $12.99

Girl Meets Dirt Rhubarb Lavender Spoon Preserves (7.75oz) – $12.99 *limited stock*

McCormick Jam Co. Lemon Pepper Jam (8oz) – $12.00 *limited stock*

Chocolate & Confections

Goodio Raspberry 49% Chocolate – $6.99 *limited stock*

Goodio Sea Salt 77% Chocolate – $6.99 *limited stock*

Goodio Wild Blueberry 61% Chocolate – $6.99 *limited stock*

Theo Salted Black Licorice 70% Dark Chocolate – $3.90 *limited stock*

Nuts & Dried Fruit

Marcona Almonds – $15.65/lb

Mitica Quicos (i.e., fancy Spanish corn nuts) – $8.18/lb

Sauk Farms Dried Honeycrisp Apples – $6.59/bag

Olives & Pickles

Losada Carmona Olive Mix (whole) – $15.18/lb

Olympia Provisions Pickled Bread & Butter Zucchini – $10.98/lb

Cheese Vehicles

Hungry Bird Eats Fennel + Onion Nordic Crisps – $9.00

Hungry Bird Eats Sumac + Thyme Nordic Crisps – $9.00

Rustic Bakery Flatbread Bites Olive Oil & Sel Gris – $4.10

United Bakery Grissini Breadsticks – $3.00

Pop-Up Cheese & Charcuterie Plate

The perfect plate for one very hungry person or for 2-3 nibblers to share as they enjoy a refreshing beverage. Plate comes with 3 cheeses, 2 charcuteries (cured meats), and 2 accompaniments of your choice. Crackers are included, with gluten-free available. Selection of cheeses and charcuterie rotates weekly. Served on-site at our pop-up shop events; see calendar for schedule.


Pop-Up Cheese Plate

The perfect plate for one hungry person or for 2 nibblers to share while they enjoy a refreshing beverage. Choose from a plate with 3 cheeses and 2 accompaniments or 4 cheeses and 1 accompaniment. Crackers are included, with gluten-free available. Served on-site at our pop-up events; see calendar for schedule.


Pop-Up Charcuterie Plate

A hearty nosh featuring a selection of 3 charcuteries (e.g., cured whole-muscle meats, salamis, and/or pâtés/terrines). Comes with mustard and pickles. Crackers are included, with gluten-free available. Served on-site during our pop-up shop events; see calendar for schedule


Custom Cheese and Charcuterie Plates, Platters, and Grazing Tables

Let us know how many people you are serving, whether they are adventurous eaters or you’d like to keep things safe, and what types of items you’d like on your platter (cheeses, charcuterie, dried fruits, nuts, preserves, chocolate, pickles, crackers, etc.), and we’ll whip up a masterpiece catered uniquely to your event.

Pricing varies depending on size of the platter and number of people served. We can create anything from a special one-to-two person plate, a bold platter for for 10, on up to a honkin’ spread for 30 or a full-fledged grazing table for your big event.

Please send inquires to us via email to and we will set up a consultation appointment.