Menu for the week of November 27 - December 3

Many of these items are available for pre-order on our online store. We are working on making more items available; if you would like to order something on the menu that you don’t see in the store, please send us an email to StreetCheeseSEA[at]gmail[dot]com.

Orders are available for pick-up at our event locations each week, during the scheduled hours of the event. Please see our events calendar to find a location near you to schedule your online order pick-up.

Fresh Cheeses

Lost Peacock Creamery Smokin’ Salt & Pepa Chèvre (goat; WA) – $5.63 (4oz – fresh) or $10 (1lb – frozen)

Lost Peacock Creamery Thai Garlic Chèvre (goat; WA) – $10/ea (1lb – frozen)

Lost Peacock Halloumi (goat; WA) – $21.76/lb – frozen

Lum Farm Feta in Brine (goat and sheep; WA) – $12.00/ea *limited stock*

Samish Bay Cheese Vache (cow; WA) – $8.60/ea *limited stock*


Bloomy-Rind Cheeses

Acme Farms Cheese Camembert – $12.70/ea


Semi-Firm to Firm Cheeses

Ferndale Farmstead Caciotta (cow; WA) – $9.41/ea *limited stock*

Harmony Fields La Bertha (sheep; WA) – $30.00/lb *limited stock*

Twin Sisters Creamery Whatcom Farmhouse with Whole Mustard Seeds (raw cow; WA) – $21.32/lb


Cheddar-Style Cheeses

Beecher’s Handmade Cheese Flagship (cow; WA) – $17.09/lb

Beecher’s Handmade Cheese Flagship Reserve (cow; WA) – $32.14/lb

Beecher’s Handmade Cheese Marco Polo (cow; WA) – $18.95/lb

Beecher’s Handmade Cheese New Woman (cow; WA) – $18.95/lb

Beecher’s Handmade Cheese Smoked Flagship (cow; WA) – $18.95/lb

Golden Glen Creamery River Cheddar (cow; WA) – $34.22/lb

Golden Glen Creamery Queso con Salsa Cheddar (cow; WA) – $20.48/lb

Neals Yard Dairy Westcombe Cheddar (cow; England) – $22.50/lb


Washed-Curd (Gouda-style) Cheeses

Appel Farms Cheese Jalapeño Gouda (cow; WA) – $11.51/lb *limited stock*

Daniel’s Artisan Reserve (cow; WA) – $19.23/lb

Kaasboerderij ‘T Groendal OG Kristal (cow; Belgium) – $

Samish Bay Cheese Organic 4-Year Gouda (cow; WA) – $34.00/lb


Hard Cheeses

Berglialp Alpkäse (raw cow; Switzerland) – $24.96/lb

Evergreen Creamery Mt. Adams Reserve (cow; WA) – $22.50/lb *limited stock*

Rumiano Dry Jack 5-Year (cow; CA) – $35.00/lb


Washed-Rind Cheeses

Cascadia Creamery Sawtooth (raw cow; WA) – $22.25/lb *limited stock*

Fantello Farmstead Filomena (raw cow; WA) – $29.85/lb 

*NEW!* Jasper Hill Farm Harbison Special Wash Sandeman Port (cow; VT) – $12.74/ea

Kaasboerderij ‘T Groendal Funky Monk (cow; Belgium) – $27.68/lb *limited stock*

Tieton Farm & Creamery Rheba (goat and sheep; WA) – $22/wheel *limited stock*


Blue Cheeses

Cascadia Creamery Glacier Blue (raw cow; WA) – $23.24/lb *limited stock*

Rogue Creamery Rogue River Blue (cow; OR) – $46.64/lb

Twin Sisters Creamery Whatcom Blue (raw cow; WA) – $19.01/lb

Cured Meats & Salami

Elevation Artisan Meat Guanciale – sliced or chunk (pork; CO) – $34.00/lb *Limited stock*

Olympia Provisions Chorizo Rioja (pork; OR) – $9.94/ea

Olympia Provisions Saucisson Sec (pork; OR) – $8.34/ea

Red Table Meat Co. Gentle Giant Salami – sliced (pork; MN) – $37.60/lb

Smoking Goose Meatery Duck Prosciutto – sliced or whole (duck; IN) – $49.14/lb

Smoking Goose Meatery Stagberry Salame (elk and pork with bluberries; IN) – $17.76/ea *limited stock*

Pâtés & Terrines

Smoking Goose Meatery Pig & Fig Terrine – $13.06/ea *limited stock*


Girl Meets Dirt Orchard Apricot Spoon Preserves (7.75oz) – $12.99

Girl Meets Dirt Orcas Pear With Bay Spoon Preserves (7.75oz) – $12.99 *limited stock*

McCormick Jam Co. Peach Habanero Jam (8oz) – $15.00

Clovis Dijon Mustard – $4.53/lb

Clovis Whole Grain Mustard – $4.69/lb

Chocolate & Confections

Kolsvart Elderflower Pike Swedish Fish – $8.15/ea

Kolsvart Sour Blueberry Swedish Fish – $8.15/ea

Theo Chocolate Apple Cider Caramels in Dark Chocolate – $11.49/box *limited stock*

Theo Chocolate Pure 45% Milk Chocolate Bar – $4.49

Theo Chocolate Sea Salt 70% Dark Chocolate Bar – $4.49

Theo Chocolate Cherry Almond 70% Dark Chocolate Bar – $4.49

Theo Chocolate Coffee Toffee 70% Dark Chocolate Bar – $4.49

Theo Chocolate Nutcracker Brittle 55% Dark Chocolate Bar – $4.49

Nuts & Dried Fruit

Marcona Almonds – $17.39/lb

Mitica Quicos (i.e., fancy Spanish corn nuts) – $8.18/lb

Sauk Farms Dried Honeycrisp Apples – $6.59/bag *limited stock*

Tart Sour Cherries – $17.55/lb

Olives & Pickles

Clovis Cornichons – $3.64/lb

Losada Carmona Olive Mix (whole) – $15.18/lb

Cheese Vehicles

Hungry Bird Eats Multi-Seeds + Oregano Nordic Crisps – $5.96

Hungry Bird Eats Fennel + Onion Nordic Crisps – $9.00

Hungry Bird Eats Sumac + Thyme Nordic Crisps – $9.00

Lesley Stowe Raincoast Crisps Rosemary Raisin Oat – $5.64

Partners Crackers Cracked Black Pepper Hors d’Ouevres Crackers – $5.79

Partners Crackers Olive Oil & Herb Hors d’Ouevres Crackers – $5.79

Holiday Platters

December holiday platter pre-orders are available for pre-order through our online store between December 1 and December 29. For this year’s holiday season, we have five different sizes of platters to fit a variety of budgets and crowds. Platters can also be customized to meet allergy and dietary needs. ***Please note that your platter should be pre-ordered no closer than 24 hours before you would like to pick it up, so that we have enough time to build it!***

You can pre-order a holiday platter for pick-up at any of our scheduled events during the month of December; we will also have dedicated platter pick-up windows at Discover Burien on the last three Fridays of the month: December 16, December 23, and December 30. (For special orders or other delivery accommodations, please email us at StreetCheeseSea[at]gmail[dot]com to see what is possible.) 

Pop-Up Cheese & Charcuterie Plate

The perfect plate for one very hungry person or for 2-3 nibblers to share as they enjoy a refreshing beverage. Plate comes with 3 cheeses, 2 charcuteries (cured meats), and 2 accompaniments of your choice. Crackers are included, with gluten-free available. Selection of cheeses and charcuterie rotates weekly. Served on-site at our pop-up shop events; see calendar for schedule.


Pop-Up Cheese Plate

The perfect plate for one hungry person or for 2 nibblers to share while they enjoy a refreshing beverage. This plate includes your choice of 4 cheeses and 1 accompaniment. Crackers are included, with gluten-free available. Served on-site at our pop-up events; see calendar for schedule.


Pop-Up Charcuterie Plate

A hearty nosh featuring a selection of 3 charcuteries (e.g., cured whole-muscle meats, salamis, and/or pâtés/terrines). Comes with mustard and pickles. Crackers are included, with gluten-free available. Served on-site during our pop-up shop events; see calendar for schedule


Custom Cheese and Charcuterie Plates, Platters, and Grazing Tables

Let us know how many people you are serving, whether they are adventurous eaters or you’d like to keep things safe, and what types of items you’d like on your platter (cheeses, charcuterie, dried fruits, nuts, preserves, chocolate, pickles, crackers, etc.), and we’ll whip up a masterpiece catered uniquely to your event.

Pricing varies depending on size of the platter and number of people served. We can create anything from a special one-to-two person plate, a bold platter for for 10, on up to a honkin’ spread for 30 or a full-fledged grazing table for your big event.

Please send inquires to us via email to and we will set up a consultation appointment.