Our Menu

Please excuse us while we work on completely re-doing our online store.

These are our current offerings. If you see something you’d like to order, just send us an email to StreetCheeseSea@gmail.com. We will schedule a day and time for pick-up or delivery, and we’ll send you an invoice so that you can pay for your order ahead of time. Please try to give us at least 24 hours notice if you can!

Wedges & Wheels and Charcuterie are listed with a per-pound price. You can choose any weight you need (a quarter or third pound is usually plenty). Please note that we cut most cheeses to order, and while we try to be perfect, we don’t always cut exactly 0.25 or 0.33-pound wedges. We will invoice you for the correct amount, and we will try to fall under-weight instead of over-weight, if we don’t get it perfect the first time.

Week of January 16-22

Wedges & Wheels

Lost Peacock Creamery Whipped Chevre – $5.63/4oz chub

Uplands Cheese Rush Creek Reserve! – $28.36/12oz wheel

Herve Mons Tomme de Chambrille – $26.78/lb

Neal’s Yard Dairy Hafod Welsh Cheddar – $27.00/lb

Saut du Doubs Summer Milk Comte – $23.24/lb

Neal’s Yard Dairy Cornish Kern – $25.73/lb

Cascadia Creamery Sawtooth – $22.20/lb

Neal’s Yard Dairy Ogleshield – $22.50/lb

Jumi Swiss Raclette Pink Peppercorn – $23.85/lb

La Memee Fourme d’Ambert – $15.75/lb


Brooklyn Cured Tasso Smoked Coppa – $23.25/lb

Smoking Goose Meatery Duck Prosciutto – $41.78/lb

Red Table Meat Co. Gentle Giant Salami – $33.00/lb

Red Table Meat Co. Salbando Grande Salami – $28.50/lb

Red Table Meat Co. Chuck Fred Salami – $15.00/7oz chub

Alexian Pâté de Campagne – $5.37/5oz slice

Alexian Duck Rillettes – $11.33/6.5oz terrine

Plates & Platters

Pop-Up Cheese Plate – The perfect plate for one hungry person or a small group of nibblers to share while they enjoy a refreshing beverage. Choose from a plate with 3 cheeses and 2 accompaniments or 4 cheeses and 1 accompaniments. Crackers are included, with gluten-free available. Served on-site at our pop-up events; see calendar for schedule. – $20

Pop-Up Charcuterie Plate – A hearty nosh featuring a selection of cured whole-muscle meats and salamis. The plate comes with three charcuterie items, mustard, and pickles. Crackers are included, with gluten-free available. Brewing (and soon, more places!). – $20

NEW! Raclette Plate – Hot and melty Raclette cheese is scraped directly onto a pile of crispy, Himalayan sea-salt potato chips. Served with a side of cured meats and cornichon pickles. – $12 + tax

Custom Cheese Plates and Platters – Let us know how many people you are serving, whether they are adventurous eaters or you’d like to keep things safe, and what types of items you’d like on your platter (cheeses, cured meats, dried fruits, nuts, preserves, chocolate, pickles, crackers, etc.), and we’ll whip up a masterpiece catered uniquely to your event. Pricing varies depending on size of the platter and number of people served. We can create anything from a one-to-two person plate or a medium-sized platter for 10, on up to a honkin’ platter for 75 or a grazing table. Please send inquires to us via email to StreetCheeseSea@gmail.com.


Girl Meets Dirt Salted Apple Caramel (8oz) – $10.89

Girl Meets Dirt Orange Peppered Pear Spoon Preserves (8oz) – $10.89

McCormick Jam Co. Mac & Jack’s African Amber Beer Jelly (4oz) – $7

Theo Bread & Chocolate 70% Dark Chocolate Bar – $2.99

Theo Salted Vanilla Caramels in Milk Chocolate – $9.99

Theo Coffee Caramels in Milk Chocolate – $9.99

Marcona Almonds (2oz portion) – $1.75

Mitica Quicos (i.e., fancy Spanish corn nuts; 2oz portion) – $0.75

Dried Sour Cherries (2oz portion) – $1.95

Raincoast Crisp Cranberry Oat Crackers – $6.30

Rustic Bakery Sourdough Flatbread Bites in Olive Oil & Sel Gris – $3.84

Rustic Bakery Flatbreads in Olive Oil & Sel Gris – $5.32

Rustic Bakery Tart Cherry Cacao Nib Crisps – $5.81

La Panzanella Toasted Oat Crisps in Original Oat – $3.47