Food Safety

Food safety is a big deal.

Many of us don’t think about how food is handled when we eat out in a restaurant or purchase prepared foods at a grocery store. There are many rules and steps involved in safely producing, making, and getting food to you.

Street Cheese takes food safety seriously. We have current food King County Food Handler permits, and one of us is ServSafe Certified. We are licensed by the King County Health Department. We also follow all of the relevant health and safety rules regulating cheese insofar as we break down wheels into wedges or plated spreads for our customers.

Since cheese is classified as a “control time/temperature for safety food,” food businesses must operate out of an inspected kitchen in order to process or work with cheese. You can rest assured that we are not prepping your platter or cutting your wedges in our home kitchens! We are proud members of The Crate, Discover Burien‘s micro-business incubator kitchen.

Since cheese is a living food and it is home to communities of mold, yeast, and bacteria that can easily spread, cheesemongers are notorious clean freaks. Because we want to ensure the cheese you receive is what the cheesemaker intended it to be, we sanitize often and thoroughly with food-safe sanitizers, always use clean knives and cutting surfaces, and keep the cheese cold until it is ready to be served.*

*Cheese is best consumed at room-temperature, so we always recommend you set your cheese out about an hour before eating for optimal enjoyment!