Cheese is more than just food.

Cheese is a microcosm of our food system. It is the culmination of nutrients nurtured by the earth, consumed by animals, secreted in their milk, preserved as cheese, aged with time and care, transferred from cheesemaker to distributor or seller, divided up, cared for, and sold to a customer who has chosen it for their meal, snack, or gift.

Cheese is a topic you can study your whole life and still not know everything about. Learning about cheese means discovering not only styles and types of cheese, their sensory traits and uses, but also history, culture, language, and science.

We believe the more you know about your food, the better the choices you make about what you eat, where you buy it from, and who you support in getting it And not only is cheese education an important part of that, but it can also be fun and delicious!

We offer public and private cheese classes on a variety of topics, including:

  • Cheese 101: Introduction to Cheese
  • Cheese 102: Introduction to Cheese Tasting
  • Cheese 103: Introduction to Cheese Pairing
  • Cheese 104: How to Build a Cheese Plate
  • Introduction to American Cheeses
  • Cheeses of the Pacific Northwest
  • Cheeses of France

We can also design a custom class or tasting for your group, event, or business. (*For more information about cheesemonger training and education, please check back soon.*)

Because of COVID-19, we are only offering online classes and tastings at this time. We will prepare your cheese and bring it to you (within the greater Seattle metro area) before the class.

If you live outside of the area and want to take one of our classes, we may be able to ship within Washington and Oregon.

At this time we are not shipping outside of the Pacific Northwest because of the unreliability of the mail system. We love our cheese and we want you to love it, too–and we just can’t guarantee that it will be treated well if we try to ship any further than our vicinity. Thank you for understanding!