Community is Everything.

For us at Street Cheese, community is more than just a place we live or work.

We are proud to be part of a vibrant community of small businesses. 

We are proud to support a community of small businesses in our region, our country, and our world. 

We are proud to make cheese accessible to more people in our physical community area. 


We are proud to be members of the following groups:


We are honored to have had the ability to make cash donations to the following organizations:


We are glad to have given our time to provide educational opportunities at the following institutions:


We are grateful recipients of support, guidance, and mentorship from the following:

Our Community Goals

As our business grows and continues to engage with our communities, we have the following goals for Street Cheese:


Providing educational opportunities for underrepresented communities as part of our greater commitment to make good cheese and good food available to all.

Environmental Sustainability

Continuing to ensure our business’ impact on the environment is as low as possible by sourcing biodegradable packaging materials, ensuring the products we sell are free of harmful chemicals and additives, and sourcing locally produced products as our first priority.


Whenever possible, contributing financial donations to support local, regional, and national community organizations that help make our world a better place for all.

Gainful Employment

As we grow, making sure that we and our employees have equal opportunities for fulfilling and engaging work. We want to work for a business that offers good benefits (competitive wages, health insurance, retirement plan, vacation and sick pay, child care) and invests in its workers (continuing education on and off the clock, financial aid for school, certifications, and travel to conferences and cheese-related events). Rather than trying to find the perfect company to work for that offers all these things, we are going to build it ourselves.