About Us

Street Cheese is a dream driven to reality. 

Working behind grocery-store cheese counters, we dreamed a little dream.

What if high-quality cheese could be accessible to all? 

To communities large and small…

To communities without a high-end grocery store or cheese shop…

To communities without a grocery store at all.

To folks who are well-traveled and know their cheeses…

To folks who haven’t ventured far from home, but who like to eat…

To folks who don’t know anything about cheese except they like it.

To cheese lovers who want an epic cheese board without all the work…

To cheese lovers who just know how to celebrate…

To foodies who just want to work on their night cheese. 

To curd nerds who want to learn more about Our Lord Cheezus

Street Cheese is about bringing good cheese out of the store and onto to the streets–even straight to your door.

We love cheese, making cheese plates, and celebrating with cheese–and we know you do, too. Let us help you celebrate all of the ups and downs of life with cheese, whether by the wedge or wheel or on a plate or platter.

Street Cheese is also about educating people about the food they eat. We know that good food is not cheap–just like rent, bills, and everything else.

While we work to make good cheese accessible to more of our neighbors, we hope you’ll take a seat and let us preach the good word of curd.

Knowledge is power, and we believe food education can help us all make better choices about what we eat, how we eat it, and where what we eat comes from.

Street Cheese hit the road to celebrate the producers, the farmers, and all the folks who feed us.

We are dedicated to telling their stories to your stomachs and to your eyes and ears until the cows and goats and sheep come home.

We adore the little guys, local cheesemakers, and family farmers. We know they very often don’t have time to tell their stories, and that is where we come in. A cheesemonger is more than someone who sells cheese for me; a cheesemonger is also a storyteller, an encyclopedia of cheese information, and a matchmaker for mouths, hearts, and flavors.