Our Crowd-Funding Campaign Has Ended

Thank you to everyone who contributed!

We raised over $25,000 from 157 backers over our 45-day fundraising period. 

The next steps we’ll be taking toward opening our brick-and-mortar space include:

  • Exploring the possibility of receiving an SBA loan for equipment purchase and installation
  • Submitting a Letter-of-Intent on a couple of brick-and-mortar locations of interest
  • Securing contractor estimates for construction within the space
  • Continuing to raise funds at our events, by selling cheese, and through custom orders and private tastings
  • Reaching out to donors who selected perks from our campaign to begin offering delivery of perks that can be provided now and to offer a plan for perks that will be delivered after the store opens

We will continue to provide updates as we make progress. Thank you to everyone who invested in our shop. We can’t wait to welcome you in our brick-and-mortar space!

Street Cheese: A Mobile Cheese Shop




We Support Local

Eco-Friendly Packaging

Carefully Crafted Pairings

For the love of cheese

Driving a Love of Cheese in Our Community

Street Cheese is a Cheese Shop founded by two career cheesemongers with a passion for making good cheese accessible to people in more places. We are dedicated to supporting local producers first and foremost, and we round out our selection with high-quality artisanal products domestic and imported. As small business owners, we believe in the power of food to build community, and we believe empathetic education is the key to empowering curious eaters.


We sell cheese and fine accompaniments for cheese, including charcuterie, pickles and preserves, crackers, and chocolates and confections.

We craft cheese and charcuterie plates, platters, and grazing tables.

We offer educational opportunities for cheese lovers and cheesemongers.


While we are currently a mobile cheese shop, Street Cheese is searching for a brick-and-mortar home in the South Seattle area.

Upcoming Events